Quality Assurance & Quality Control (QA/QC) comes in many forms and is dependent on the client we serve on each project. At Eisman & Russo, Inc. our QA/QC services may be provided to the owner/developer of the project, while in other instances, we may support the contractor of a particular roadway, bridge or rail project.  QA/QC services to the owner/developer are typically incorporated into our overall construction management and construction engineering and inspection (CEI) and involve the oversight, management and administration on behalf of the owner/developer. Whereas, QA/QC services for the contractor ensure that all materials submitted for acceptance conform to the contract requirements and the project schedule is not interrupted.

Whether it is the owner/developer or the contractor we serve, quality control during the construction phase of a project is critical to success. Eisman & Russo’s participation during this process plays an important role in achieving crucial project objectives. Our approach is to serve as a catalyst to complete construction. Our QC engineers and technicians not only certify the quality of the materials but continually seek methods to speed up construction, look forward to the “next step” and provide creative methods to overcome issues as they may arise. Our engineers and technicians have extensive experience working between the engineer-of-record, specialty engineers and agencies such as DOTs, expressway/turnpike authorities and permitting agencies.

The QA/QC approach demands a very accurate and responsive testing and documenting program. Our experience has taught us that the most difficult aspect of administering QA/QC is not the field testing that serves as a basis for acceptance, but rather the overall processes, tasks and testing data reporting requirements into standard agency forms or an electronic reporting systems.

Eisman & Russo’s QC personnel are CTQP-qualified (Construction Training Qualification Program), a rule requirement implemented by the Federal Highway Administration in 1995. Our CTQP-qualified personnel are an extension of the client and relieve their burden to hire trained CTQP-qualified staff and the associated expenses required in maintaining said qualifications. As an element of best-practices, we develop a Quality Management Plan (QMP) for projects that outlines processes for all tasks for our CEI personnel, checking and cross-checking that standards, procedures, and certifications are in place throughout the life of the project – a QA/QC on our own team, so to speak.

Services include:

Quality assurance
Quality control
Construction management
Construction engineering
Utility Coordination
SA preparation and processing
Traffic-watch updates and coordination with local PIO
Monthly and final estimate preparation
Review and submission of as-builts
Processing and certification
Bridge assessment & rehabilitation
Erection oversight
Casting oversight
Grouting training & oversight
Field geometry review
Permit reviews & processing
Troubleshooting project issues
Value Engineering and alternatives to design issues
NPDES reports and inspections
MOT reviews and inspections
Maintain accurate field records

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