Time Value of Money.

We know the time value of money. We recognize the value of a dollar earned today compared to a dollar earned at a future date. We realize that time is money to you and the sooner your project is completed, the greater the value.

Our proactive approach to the initial design is where Eisman & Russo sets itself apart from our competition. Beginning with the initial scope meeting, we help our clients narrow their contingencies. Our team members understand that it is our job to define the difficult characteristics located on a proposed site and consult with our client as to how these matters may affect the project’s schedule and budget. This preliminary information provides our clients an early understanding of site constraints and requirements.

As a result of our extensive experience with municipalities and governing agencies, we understand the needs and expectations of public agencies giving us an advantage in service to private developers. The combination of our experience, technical expertise, and creative design often influences positive outcomes in the land development process. Our civil engineering staff has a thorough knowledge of all of the elements of development to support the speed and success of your project.

Residential Development

Eisman & Russo has in-depth experience in the planning and design of residential housing projects ranging from single family homes to multi-family properties to large-scale master planned communities.

We provide our clients with a logical, phased approach to the transformation of a tract of land into residential subdivisions. Critical issues, such as wetlands, stormwater management and sanitary wastewater disposal need to be addressed as a first step. The site constraints and limitations are evaluated in conjunction with local, state and federal regulations to establish a concept plan for site development.

Commercial and Industrial Development

Eisman & Russo will guide commercial and industrial clients through all phases of land development, from conceptual design, survey, permitting, to final design and construction.

Our professional staff will work closely with developers, planners, architects, and owners to design site features that provide efficient, practical and affordable development of basic infrastructure facilities, such as water and sewer. We guide clients through permitting and zoning of a commercial development, as well as perform routine site inspections and conduct stakeholder meetings.

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