Client: Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA)
Location: Duval County

Project Description:

Eisman & Russo (E&R) has a extensive history of providing Construction Engineering and Inspection (CEI) services across various Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) projects, predominantly funded through a $100 million bond issued for the JTA's Mobility Works Program. This program was initiated to fulfill projects financed by the extension of the City of Jacksonville's Local Option Gas Tax. Leveraging this funding mechanism, JTA utilized bonds to cover project costs for 10 roadway projects spanning 14 mobility corridors across Jacksonville from 2016 to 2023.

In late 2023, with the launch of JTA's Mobility Optimization through Vision and Excellence 2023-2027 (MOVE2027) Strategic Plan, E&R was once again selected to provide CEI services. This time, the focus has shifted to projects identified in the latest JTA 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) that are valued greater than $2 million in construction, also further bolstered by the support of the City of Jacksonville's Local Option Gas Tax.

These projects encompass a diverse range of initiatives aimed at enhancing roadway infrastructure and mobility corridors, with a strong emphasis on implementing complete streets and transit enhancements. These enhancements include the construction of sidewalks, bike paths, landscaping, ADA-compliant facilities, bus shelters, and other similar improvements designed to improve accessibility and promote multimodal transportation.

E&R's scope of work for these projects extends beyond construction oversight to encompass the coordination of multiple utility owners. This coordination is crucial for orchestrating the relocation of utility infrastructure to accommodate improvements such as drainage enhancements, waterline adjustments, installation of fire hydrants, sewer force main modifications, and upgrades to lighting and electrical systems.

Through E&R’s continued partnership with JTA and the City of Jacksonville, E&R remains committed to delivering high-quality CEI services, contributing to the successful implementation of transformative improvement projects that benefit the community and enhance the overall mobility experience for residents and visitors alike.

Services Provided:

Construction Management & CEI
Construction Administration
Community Involvement
Utility Coordination
Planning & Scheduling

Performance Dates:

August 2016 to Present

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