Automated Machine Guidance (AMG) 3D Technology

A paperless plans method of construction, AMG 3D technology aims to improve the construction process through 3D plans/ 3D construction by streamlining surveying, real-time depth checks, final surface and as-builts for an overall expedited delivery of the constructed project.

In the 3D modeling of the Lake-Wekiva Trail, a 2.78 asphalt trail constructed for FDOT District 5, Eisman & Russo performed all Construction Engineering & Inspection with the use of AMG.  To begin, all subgrade and base was located using Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) at multiple intervals and uploaded to a foundation grade control rover that reads the final surface elevation. The data is collected as construction progresses and transferred to the 3D model using MicroStation (OpenRoads).

The Lake-Wekiva Trail Project was a pilot project and received a 2021 ACEC-FL/ FDOT Outstanding Project Award for New Technology.

Eisman & Russo, Inc.

Pavement Rating Data Collection Technology

In 2021, Eisman & Russo partnered with International Cybermetics (ICC) for a pilot program our Program Management of Roadway Resurfacing for the City of Jacksonville using ICC’s automated technology to rate +/- 300 miles to the existing system. To meet the project requirements, an IrisPRO Pave data collection vehicle is used and equipped with an ICC inertial profiler, second-generation Pavemetrics Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS-2), Point Gray Ladybug 5+ 30 MP 350 camera, an Applaniz POS/LV with DGPS.  All subsystems are integrated using ICC’s collection core with tight synchronization between all data streams on the truck in real-time, referenced to both time and distance. All sensor locations are referenced to the vehicle’s reference point, together with the GPS and IMU, suing 3D translations and rotations. All data is processed for pavement distress, roughness (IRI) and rutting, and the results connected to the City’s GIS web-based system.

Eisman & Russo has provided Program Management for the City of Jacksonville’s Resurfacing and Sidewalk Construction since 2001.

Eisman & Russo, Inc.

Automated Debris Management System (ADMS)

In 2020, Eisman & Russo invested in the development of a comprehensive software application, Automated Debris Management System (ADMS) that supports debris recovery monitoring and faster recovery. The software is a mobile application designed for cell phone and tablet, both for Android and IOS systems. The app capture field data for assessment, debris tickets’ lifecycle, and truck certification. This ESRI technology drives the acquisition of latitudes, longitudes, and corresponding addresses in managing locations (debris pick up). The app also calculates the driving distance between loading and disposal sites.

This web-application automates all aspects of the debris recovery operation and minimizes dependance on paper. Capable of managing multiple events simultaneously, the app tracks users, contractors, sub-contractors, rates, trucks, disposal sites, volumetric calculations, debris types and staff assignments.  Data captured is mined and re-assembled in various reports. A visual Executive Dashboard keeps managers abreast with operational details illustrated in an interactive mapping engine. It can display road blockages, hazards, debris pick up locations, number of passes status, disposal sites locations and capacity and tracking of trucks equipped with GPS devises.

Eisman & Russo has provided Disaster & Debris Monitoring Services since 2008.

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