Client: City of Jacksonville, Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection, FDOT
Location: North Florida

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in October 2016, Eisman & Russo, Inc. assembled multiple disaster recovery teams to respond to the needs of the Florida Department of Transportation, District 2 and also the City of Jacksonville. In less than 24 hours following landfall, E&R began engineering inspections throughout five North Florida counties and mobilized debris monitoring personnel to fulfil requirements of multiple contracts.

Hurricane Matthew Debris Monitoring, City of Jacksonville; Duval County, Florida. E&R served as the Prime Consultant responsible for monitoring contractors during removal of nearly 900 thousand cubic yards in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. The E&R team quickly mobilized 30 inspectors to oversee cut and toss operations 12 hours after landfall. Our team provided contract administration, performed preliminary damage assessments, assured FEMA compliance, permitted Temporary Debris Staging and Reduction (TDSR) sites, coordinated briefings and work progress with the City, certified contractor equipment, documented all work performed for the FEMA claim, assisted with responding to public concerns and comments, implemented quality assurance measures, assisted in writing the FEMA Project Worksheet. Eisman & Russo provided approximately 300 local monitors and supervisors who were responsible for documenting cut & toss operations and the removal of storm related debris including hundreds of leaners and hangers and stumps. Our team also supervised and monitored operations at eight TDSR locations and two landfills, an example of which is shown in the Youtube Video above. Our trained monitors inspected and quantified each load of incoming debris and haul-outs. We successfully met the City of Jacksonville’s objective of completing the “first pass” along 4,124 miles of roadway within 30 days.

St. Johns River Waterway Debris Monitoring, Florida Department of Environmental Protection; Duval County, Florida. Eisman & Russo performed monitoring services for the removal of debris along the St. Johns River, navigable and non-navigable tributaries. E&R performed contract administration, ensured FEMA compliance, conducted safety and environmental oversight, provided damage assessments, assisted in budgetary management, ensured protection of ecological habitats, monitored erosion control, documented the removal of derelict vessels, coordinated briefings and work progress with FDEP, permitted TOLS, responded to public comments or concerns, certified the contractor vehicles and vessels, and provided assistance with project scope development and set FDEP standards for future projects of similar nature.

Pre-Event Natural Disaster Monitoring Consulting/CEI, FDOT District 2. E&R serves as the Prime Consultant for contract administration, disaster related damage assessment, debris monitoring, recovery monitoring, construction inspection for emergency work and environmental clearance support associated with post-disaster events throughout District 2 of the FDOT and including Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Clay, Columbia, Dixie, Duval, Gilchrist, Hamilton, Lafayette, Levy, Madison, Nassau, Putnam, St. Johns, Suwannee, Taylor and Union counties. Post Hurricane Matthew in October 2016, E&R completed approximately 1,100 miles of debris management services.

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