Non-Stop Cocoa to Orlando

Client: Granite Construction
Brevard and Orange Counties

Eisman & Russo, Inc.

Project Description:

This 1095-day construction project is a 35.5-mile new railroad that consists of 6 double-track and 11 single-track bridges as well as 3 underpasses including one Arch structure with 122 panels, all precast on-site using self-consolidating concrete. To install the Arch structure, the Beachline (SR 528) had to be completely relocated in Cocoa and rebuilt in its new alignment once the structure was in place. Two additional underpasses were precast boxes built adjacent to their final positions and pushed into position under current roads using box jacking method. They were the first two such structures constructed in Florida and 3rd and 5th in the nation.
All of the bridges with concrete beams had the bridge beam joints joined with Ultra High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) which is 20,000 psi or higher and required careful hand-to-batch monitoring of every cubic yard of concrete on site and very specialized, precise machinery to prepare, handle and break the concrete cylinders for test results. The project has over 5.6 million cubic yards of embankment and over 1 million square feet of MSE walls. It includes approximately 40,000 LF of drainage pipe installation as well as excavation of several retention ponds, including a nearly 100-acre retention pond adjacent to the railway. The railway crosses over or under (no at-grade crossings) many existing roadways including I-95 in Brevard County and will connect to a Vehicle Maintenance Facility (VMF) at the west end near Orlando International Airport.

Services Provided:

Construction Quality Control
Construction Administration
QA/QC Plans

Performance Dates:

June 2019 to Present

Construction Cost:

$505 million

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