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The successful completion of a construction project encompasses inspection, management and administration while utilizing a sound, comprehensive base of knowledge and experience.

Eisman & Russo’s construction management and construction engineering inspection (CEI) services include inspection and consultation in all phases of construction. Scope and project size range from inspection support on small rehabilitation projects to complete CEI of major transportation projects.

We specialize in transportation projects, including major interchanges, expressways, toll roads, urban and rural highways; concrete, steel and segmental bridges; drainage and water & sewer rehabilitation.

We thoroughly understand how to manage construction projects including those with unique and complex requirements. Our engineers have worked on construction projects throughout the state of Florida, and we have managed projects with a construction cost of up to $600 million.  Our review of design and construction methods focuses on improving and shortening the construction schedule, which in turn, saves clients time and money.

Eisman & Russo’s CEI team expertise and their strong understanding of processes and procedures of public agencies and utility providers allow us to meet all project requirements. Utility coordination and relocation, maintenance of traffic, airspace obstructions, endangered species and protective wildlife fencing, drainage / environmental permits, soil conditions as they may affect construction and adjacent project coordination are some of the top priorities in our CEI experience. Above all, we consider safety matters of paramount concern on every project.

Addressing these concerns throughout the life of the project results in positive community relations in the planned construction phasing which will minimize disruptions to the project area as well as to the community at large.

E&R’s Construction Management / CEI services include:

Bid Package Development
Bridge Inspection - Concrete, Steel and Segmental
Constructability Review
Construction Management
Contract Administration
Cost Estimation & Management
Planning & Scheduling
QA/QC Plans
Schedule/CPM Management
Transportation Inspection, Highways, Interchanges, Expressways, Toll Roads,
Urban/Rural Roads, Infrastructure & Utilities
Rail, Track and Signal Inspection

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