Processes between natural and human systems

At Eisman & Russo, Inc., we lead planning, development and environment studies (PD&E Studies) to establish project programs focused on the management of relationships that exist within and between natural environmental systems and people.  Present day planning elements include natural resource management, social and economic development, urban and regional development, future growth, development of freight movement, capacity for transportation and infrastructure systems and governance timeframes.

Eisman & Russo leads in the assessment and study of project opportunities. In collaboration with subconsultant professionals, we assess land use, socio-economic concerns, natural wildlife habitat and species, cultural and historical resources, air and noise impacts, geotechnical conditions, as well as existing and desired utility requirements in an effort to synthesize the environmental issues that will facilitate critical decision making for proposed projects.

An important element of every PD&E Study is that of developing community and stakeholder consensus on possible project alternatives. At Eisman & Russo, we complete our due diligence on every project to include local government issues to explore overlapping concerns and/or projects by participating and surrounding county agencies, fire rescue, chambers of commerce, schools, and regional planning councils as well as explore community concerns such as safety, speed limits, congestion/traffic delays, historic structures, and bicycle/pedestrian safety.

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