Client: FDOT District 1
Location: Southwest Florida

Eisman & Russo

Project Description:

On September 28, 2022, Category 5 Hurricane Ian made landfall near Fort Myers, wreaking havoc on the City of Fort Myers, Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel Island, and Pine Island. Ian’s ferocious winds and storm surge devastated nearly all standing structures, leading to the collapse of the Sanibel Causeway and the Pine Island/Matlacha Bridge.

In the immediate aftermath of the storm, E&R was engaged to provide CEI services for five Emergency/Recovery Contracts encompassing Pine Island (temporary and permanent repairs), Sanibel Causeway (temporary and permanent repairs), and Roadway Restoration with more than 75 Task Work Orders (TWOs).

Preconstruction efforts involved the development of Detailed Damage Inspection Reports (DDIRs), supporting FDOT interaction with FHWA, and formulation of TWOs. For Pine Island/Matlacha Causeway, the TWO for temporary repairs was issued within 2 days of the storm passage, with the contractor mobilizing to the site within 3 days. For the permanent repairs, E&R assisted FDOT in developing a Phased (aka Progressive) Design-Build Scope, RFQ, and TWOs, commencing at the end of 2022. Similarly, for Sanibel Causeway, E&R contributed to the development of a Phased Design-Build Scope for temporary and permanent repairs (combined in one contract), RFQ, Advertisement, and initial TWO. The Sanibel RFQ was issued within 3 days of the storm, contracts executed within 5 days, and the contractor mobilized to the site within 6 days.

With the urgency to restore access to critical emergency assistance for stranded residents and visitors, construction and CEI efforts for the Pine Island/Matlacha Causeway Emergency Repairs of roadway and bridge approaches restored access to traffic in 3 days and temporary road/bridge repairs for Sanibel restored access within 15 days of mobilization. E&R provided CEI for Sanibel’s permanent repairs and also oversaw CEI for the Roadway Restoration Contract with over 75 TWOs throughout District 1 with multiple emergency contractors. TWOs ranged from minor (under $25,000) to major (approximately $5M). Completion was November 2023.

Currently, the sole ongoing project is the Sanibel Permanent Restoration project, slated for completion by the end of 2024.

Services Provided:


  • Pine Island – Temporary Repairs, Phased D-B
  • Sanibel Causeway – Temporary and Permanent Repairs, Phased D-B; Temporary and Permanent Repairs, D-B


  • Pine Island
  • Periwinkle Way Bridge
  • Sanibel Causeway – Temporary and Permanent Repairs; Temporary Repairs
  • Districtwide Roadway Repairs – Over 75 TWOs

Performance Dates:

September 2022 to Present

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