Client: FDOT District 3
Walton County, FL


Project Description:

Eisman & Russo, Inc. provided civil engineering design services for this project 2-lane rural RRR project, from the Okaloosa CL to Shoemaker Dr., for a distance of 15.0 miles. Roadway work included milling and resurfacing of existing travel lanes and shoulder, cross slope and superelevation correction, typical section package, pavement design. Operational improvements included addition of left and right turn lanes at SR 187 and SR 285 intersections to improve sight distance. Signal upgrades at SR 187 including timing plans modification, installation of pedestrian signals with countdown heads.  Drainage improvements included installation of MES at side drains and replacement of DBI(s); and safety improvements accounted for relocation of fix objects outside the clear zone and/or installation/upgrading of guardrail at culvert crossings.  Signing/pavement markings including installation of regulatory and warning signs as needed, no passing zone-study. ADA improvements included the construction of 2,700 lf of sidewalk on the urban section of the project. Preparation of MOT plans including lane closure analysis and restrictions. Utility coordination for adjustments and relocation as needed. Responsibilities included the preparation of plans, specifications, and estimates (PS&E), as well as post-design services.

Services Provided:

Roadway Design
Drainage Design
Utility Design & Permitting
MOT Plans
Signing & pavement markings
Constructability Review

Performance Dates:

December 2010 to July 2011

Construction Cost:

$7 million

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