Client: Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise
Palm Beach County, FL

Eisman & Russo

Project Description:

Eisman & Russo provided CEI services for the reconstruction of a new interchange with the Mainline Turnpike (Mile Post 106). Work included SuperPave asphalt pavement, milling and surfacing, barrier wall, guardrail, roadside signs, roadside lighting, fencing, drainage ponds, bridge overpass structure on drilled shafts, sound wall, MSE walls, cast-in-place barrier with infrastructure screen wall, toll equipment building, concrete toll plaza pavement, "Sun Pass Only" toll gantry structures, signalization and landscaping.

Services Provided:

Construction Management
Construction Engineering & Inspection
Cost Estimation & Management
QA/QC Plans
Planning & Scheduling

Performance Dates:

June 2004 – September 2007

Construction Cost:

$16 million


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