Client: Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA)
Duval County, FL

Eisman & Russo

Project Description:

The project entails an assessment study for the accessibility of, security at, and the operations of the JTA’s facilities including 4,200 bus stops, 21 park-and-ride lots, parking garage and eight Skyway monorail stations with two bus transfer centers. The project will be accomplished through the development of a detailed system-wide facility and bus stop assessment database. The database will be used for enhancements to passenger amenities (shelters, benches, trash receptacles, etc.) as well as ADA access. It will be further used to track changes, maintenance and improvements at each facility location.

Services Provided:

Needs Assessment & Stakeholder Engagement
Development of Standards
Field Data Collection /Inventory
Database Development
Amenity Improvement Plan & Maintenance

Performance Dates:

July 2013 – July 2014


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